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Episode 43 cover art

Episode 43: Oh My Heck, Here Comes Shrek! (June 8, 2018)

It's opening weekend for Shrek The Musical! We've been eagerly awaiting Shrek and Fiona's return to SCERA for the last few years, and the wait is over! We'll introduce you to Josh Needles (Donkey), James Marden (Pinocchio) and Preston Harmon (Peter Pan), and find out how they found themselves at auditions, how they beat the heat, and 'What makes them special...'

We also want you to meet Melanie Holdaway, our master of popcorn, churros, nachos and hot dogs. She takes great care of our guests and our volunteers ... we are so fortunate to have her!

This episode's guests:

Josh Needles, playing Donkey

James Marden, playing Pinocchio

Preston Harmon, playing Peter Pan

Melanie Holdaway and her son Braeden,
at the SCERA Shell Concession Stand

Episode 42 cover art

Episode 42: The Sweet Sounds of Sister Act (May 3, 2018)


On the last week of Sister Act, The Musical at the SCERA Center, we share with you a few conversations from the talented people behind the show: Cast members Becca Rose (Deloris Van Cartier), Cristina Bean and Deborah Bowman (Ensemble), and DeLayne Dayton (Music Director). Don't miss this fun episode, or this heavenly show!

Guests: Becca Rose, Cristina Bean, Deborah Bowman and DeLayne Dayton

Host: Quin Swallow

Photography: Rachael Gibson and Quin Swallow

Pictured, after a performance: Cristina Bean and Becca Rose


Episode 41 cover art

Episode 41: The 2018 SCERA Star Awards (April 12, 2018)

We're BACK! After a bit of a break, we have a new episode for you this weekend, with the talented and generous SCERA Star Awards winners, including Lindsey Stirling and Ryan Shupe! We are thrilled that you get to 'meet' them! Here they are:

  • Bonnie Busco (Cries of Freedom), Volunteer 
  • Brent and Mary Kelly (Heber Valley Western Music & Cowboy Poetry), Advocate of the Arts 
  • James & Andrea Clarke, Friends of the Arts
  • Jessica Salazar and The Utah Hispanic Dance Alliance, Dance
  • Bill and Marilyn Brown, Lifetime Achievement
  • Angela Johnson, Visual Arts
  • Aubrey Wilde and Nick Grossaint (Grassroots Shakespeare), Theatre
  • Ryan Shupe, Music
  • Lindsey Stirling, The Star Award

Plus, we talk with master Gala detail organizer and general SCERA wizard, April Berlin (SCERA Operations Manager), and the evening's host, Brian Carlson of KTVX Television / Good4Utah.

The Clarke Family

Honorees Heber Valley Western Music & Cowboy Poetry

Honorees Ryan Shupe (Music) and Angela Johnson (Visual Arts)

Honorees Marilyn and Bill Brown

Kim Delgrosso of Center Stage Performing Arts Studio and
Lindsey Stirling, 2018 Star Award honoree

The SCERA Staff

Episode 40 cover art

Episode 40.27: Marvelous Martha Glissmeyer (March 2, 2018)

Martha Glissmeyer, wife, mother, SCERA performer and musical director, and a legend of the arts in our community, passed away on February 2. On and off the stage, she changed the lives of hundreds of people, through her talent, love, and joy.

We had to take some time to remember our amazing friend, Martha. Today's episode is an informal chat as we talk about what we love ... and what we'll miss ... about this magnificent lady of the stage and community.

Guests: Jerry Elison, Cristina Bean, Mark Buchannan

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Kelly Cook, Quin Swallow

Music: "How Can I Keep From Singing" Performed by the BYU Singers; Ronald Staheli conducting; Martha Glissmeyer, soloist

Episode 39 cover art

Episode 39: The Utah Dance Film Festival 2018 (Feburary 23, 2018)

Today is a rather interesting day ... This is a recording we made one year ago, during the Utah Dance Film Festival. We meet Katie Bruce Sorensen with the Utah Dance Film Festival, taking place at the SCERA Center for the Arts February 23 and 24. Even if dance is already a part of your life, you may be new to this event and the work that is being exhibited here.

Guest: Katie Bruce Sorensen

Link: The Utah Dance Film Festival


Program note: You have heard us mention we will be talking about marvelous Martha Glissmeyer, a dear member of the SCERA family who passed away a few weeks ago, on a future episode. We DID get together to record some wonderful stories, and that episode will be released in a few days.

Episode 35 cover art

Episode 38: Right On Cue with Jeremy Showgren (Feburary 8, 2018)

FIELD TRIP!!!! We get to visit Right On Cue Services and meet Jeremy Showgren, stage director of many SCERA shows, and behind-the-curtain musical wizard. What exactly does he do? We can't possibly tell you here ... You'll have to listen to the podcast!

Also, we have LOTS of news, including summer plans for the Shell.

Finally, and most sadly and importantly, we would very much like to collect from you your memories of the remarkable Martha Glissmeyer, another amazingly talented SCERA friend who passed away this past week. Please send your messages about Martha to, or leave a voice message at (385) 429-2787.

Guest: Jeremy Showgren

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Kelly Cook, Kelsey and Jake Thompson, Quin Swallow

Episode 35 cover art

Episode 37: Christamas at SCERA (December 14, 2017)

Today's super-short episode has a quick run-down of the news, including films and concerts: Star Wars- The Last Jedi, Mark Masri, and A Crescent Christmas. We also have our final interview with cast members from Miracle on 34th Street. And Quin explains why SCERA means so much to him, and to his family.

Music clips: The Crescent Super Band
See them perform at SCERA December 22-23:
Information about A Crescent Christmas

Guests: Emille Moffitt and Jaron Young, of Miracle on 34th Street

Host: Quin Swallow

Program note: SCERA Spotlight Podcast will return with bi-weekly episodes in January, 2018. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and we'll join-up with you in the new year!

- Rachael, Kelsey, Jake, Kelly and Quin, and everyone at SCERA

Episode 35 cover art

Episode 36: Mark Masri is Coming to Town (December 7, 2017)

At SCERA, we love Mark Masri so much, we're having him back! Masri's stunning voice will be entertaining SCERA audiences for two nights next week, and we are thrilled to have him! Today, get a sample of his singing and learn why this night is going to be so special.

Also, we talk to more folks from the Miracle on 34th Street cast, and we'll talk about Disney/Pixar's Coco, playing at the SCERA Center for one more week!

Hosts: Rachael Gibson and Quin Swallow

Episode 35 cover art

Episode 35: Miracle on State Street (November 30, 2017)

We do Christmas in a big way at SCERA: The decorations are up, the lights are lit, and our holiday show opens this week! On this week's podcast, meet TJ Thomas and Dawn Douglas ... two performers from the cast of Miracle on 34th Street, The Musical!

Guests: Dawn Douglas and TJ Thomas, from the cast of Miracle on 34th Street, The Musical

Hosts: Rachael Gibson and Quin Swallow

Episode 34 cover art

Episode 34: One Voice, Many McGees (November 16, 2017)

The One Voice Children's Choir has over 100 members. On this episode, we offer you a close-up of three of them: Haven, Cairo and Avery McGee, together with their parents Linda and Bill. The McGees have been a 'part of the scenery' here at SCERA for five years, appearing in My Son Pinnochio, Tarzan, Mary Poppins and in SCERA's Acting Up group. We'll talk a bit about that, but we'll talk mostly of their life-changing experiences with the One Voice Children's Choir.

Web Site: The One Voice Children's Choir

When You Believe: OVCC on YouTube, filmed on Omaha Beach, France

Guests: Avery, Haven, Cario, Linda and Bill McGee

Hosts: Kelly Cook and Quin Swallow

Episode 32 cover art

Episode 33: The Casting Puzzle, Part 2 (November 9, 2017)

Today, we talk more about casting, from the would-be cast member's point-of view. In another edition of "Ask Kelsey," Kelsey Thompson shares some great wisdom on how to have a fun and successful callback audition, including some tips on how to succeed at your singing, dancing and cold reads.

We also get real today, and talk about what happens when you don't get cast, because though it happens to everyone, it can be a very disappointing and lonely experience. We've been there, but it's part of the arts, it's recoverable, and there are even some great lessons to be learned. Maybe we have some insights you haven't thought of, that will help you out when things don't go as planned.

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Kelly Cook, Kelsey Mariner and Quin Swallow

Episode 32 cover art

Episode 32: The Casting Puzzle, Part 1 (November 2, 2017)

It's often the most challenging aspect of putting-together a show, for creative team and cast alike: Casting.

How does it work? What is the experience like for the creative team? How can wanna-be cast members make the best impression on a director, and increase their chances of being cast? What is the process like from the inside?

In part one of our two-part series on casting, I was tutored and educated by the amazing Shawn Mortensen, Production & Programs Manager at SCERA. He has directed and choreographed numerous shows (not to mention performed in many as well) ... so he understands the casting process in and out, forward and back. Just try to take it all in as Shawn explains the thought process behind casting a production, how tough decisions are made, some common, shocking and avoidable mistakes performers make, and (this was a surprise) how a director gets nervous for auditions too!

Hosts: Rachael Gibson and Quin Swallow

Guest: Shawn Mortensen

Episode 30: SCERA Scary Stuff (October 31, 2017)

This week, we give you a special Halloween episode, with a creepy play-at-home quiz, a guest review of our fall show "Captain Louie" by a four-year-old, some recommendations for theater-themed Halloween entertainment, and our best answer to the question, "Is the theater haunted?"

To play today's quiz on your own, go to: and enter code 117208!

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Kelly Cook, Kelsey and Jake Thompson

Guest game hosts: Bryan and Shaylia Johnson, and their son Levi

Episode 30: Fall Film Preview (October 6, 2017)

It's fall ... The evenings are getting darker and colder ... PERFECT for coming indoors for a bit and catching a movie. In this week's fall movie preview, we'll take a look at films for kids, teens and families (and all of us, really) that are due to be released this fall ... some of which will be screened at the SCERA Center for the Arts! The list of subjects this fall super heroes, super kids, super dogs, a bull, and dead people that aren't scary.

Also, Rachael will teach you about stage directions, Quin will give a short-winded lecture on SCERA history, and we'll introduce you to our newest podcaster, Kelly Cook!

Hosts: Kelly Cook, Kelsey Thompson, Rachael Gibson and Quin Swallow

Episode 29: The Shortest Episode Yet (September 29, 2017)

Hey, we've had a wild week, so this week's installment is shorter than most. Today, we start two new weekly segments:

  • Rachael gives some theatrical vocabulary, knowledge and mind-blowing factoids in "Did You Know?"
  • Quin takes us back through SCERA's story in "60-Second SCERA History."

Hosts: Rachael Gibson and Quin Swallow

Episode 28: Life-Changing Theater (September 21, 2017)

Theater people often talk about how theater is their life, but few people can say that theater carved a new path in their lives as Tanner Hutchens. Visiting NYC and watching the rowdy, profane Broadway Musical The Book of Mormon on a whim, one thing led to another and before long, Tanner found himself becoming a Mormon himself ... and a missionary!

This week, Tanner shares his story, and his insights about theater and faith.

Find more about Tanner's story and catch up with him on a regular basis at Hi Five Live on Facebook!

Guest: Tanner Hutchens

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Kelsey and Jake Thompson, Quin Swallow

Tanner Hutchens
Tanner Hutchens

Episode 27: Theater is Alive! (September 14, 2017)

On opening week of Noises Off!, we admit that performers sometimes fall short of perfection. It can lead to panic and humiliation when something goes wrong ... but it can make for a hilarious story later on!

On this episode, we confess our onstage flaws, hiccups and near-disasters! And we do it with the help of two hilarious performers and SCERA favorites, Brodee Ripple and McKelle Shaw! Plus, on the serious side, McKelle and Brodee share some of their wise-beyond-their-years insights about their craft.

Guests: McKelle Shaw and Brodee Ripple

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Kelsey and Jake Thompson, Granite Ogborn, and Quin Swallow

Two of our favorite SCERA people-
McKelle Shaw and Brodee Ripple!

Episode 26: The Cast of Noises Off! (September 7, 2017)

The pressure is on the cast of Noises Off! to pull-off a performance filled with chaos, physical comedy, and actors so funny they may just have a hard time keeping a straight face. But YOU don't have to, if you're in the audience ... You're more than welcome to laugh your head off.

On today's podcast, hear what the craziness is about as we talk to the cast of Noises Off! about scripted insanity on-stage.

Guests: Chase Ramsey (director), David Smith, Brittni Bills Smith, Shawn Mortensen, Rob Holcombe, Rex Kocherhans, Shannon Follette, Janessa Ramsey, and Zack Elzey.

Host: Quin Swallow

The Cast of Noises off!
From left: Rob Holcombe, Rex Kocherhans, David Smith, Shawn Mortensen, Janessa Ramsey, Brittni Bills Smith, Chase Ramsey, Zack Elzey, Shannon Follette

Episode 25: Villain Turns Hero Part II (August 31, 2017)

Last week, you heard Allison Books (Ursula the Sea Witch) and Shawn Mortensen (Director, The Little Mermaid) talk about how they learned of Lily, a girl with a serious heart condition and a thing for Disney characters with purple skin like her own, namely Ursula from The Little Mermaid ... and how the cast of last year's Mermaid production arranged to bring Lily and her mother to Utah to meet her 'evil' idol.

This week, Allison and Shawn talk about Lily's visit to Utah, and meeting ... face-to-face ... the girl who dared to love a sea witch.

Lily and her mother meet Ursula, Flotsam and Jetsam.

Video message from Allison and Shawn to Lily

Video response from Lily in hospital

Lily, with a part of her Ursula collection

Guests: Allison Books, Shawn Mortensen

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Quin Swallow

Episode 24: Villain Turns Hero (August 25, 2017)

If you think theater is simply for entertainment, we have a story that will change your mind. One year afterwards, we talk about a summer that SCERA will never forget ... the one where Urusula the Sea Witch's heart was melted by Lily, a new friend from Pennsylvania who traveled to Utah with her mother just to meet her hero from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

It was an incredible experience and we invited Shawn Mortensen (Director, The Little Mermaid) and Allison Books (Ursula) to recount what happened in their own words. This week, enjoy part one of a two-part conversation that will show just how wonderful things can happen on and off stage, thanks to selfless people.

Guests: Allison Books (SCERA's Les Miserables, James and the Giant Peach, The Little Mermaid, Nunsense); Shawn Mortensen (Director, The Little Mermaid, Seussical the Musical)

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Quin Swallow

Photography: Rachael Gibson

Production review / Administration: April Berlin


Episode 23: Scotland the Brave! (August 18, 2017)

We've fallen in love with Scotland this summer, and we want to show you why. On the final weekend of Brigadoon at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre, we talk to director Jerry Elison, stage manager Julie Bonifay, and actors Vince Abbott and Caroline Glissmeyer. We also spent some time with SCERA performer Erika Bestor, who tells us why SCERA is such a special place to her and her family, why Jerry Elison is like another grandpa, and how the arts can be a perfect fit for someone with tough physical challenges.

Then we take it inside to talk with Shawn Mortensen and Kelsey Mariner about their recent performing trip to Scotland's Fringe festival.

So grab your Scottish shortbread cookies, and enjoy some arts talk at the end of a long week! And scroll below for photos of today's guests!

Guests: Jerry Elison, Julie Bonifay, Caroline Glissmeyer, Erika Bestor, Shawn Mortensen

Hosts: Chance Richter, Kelsey Mariner, Quin Swallow


Episode 22: Bad Guy - Good Guy Garrett Smit (August 11, 2017)

Garrett Smit is a jerk ... but only on stage. Between the foreman in Les Mis, the dad in Footloose, and George Banks in Mary Poppins, Garrett has had a lot of experience playing the grumpy curmudgeon. Thankfully, Garrett is far nicer and approachable in real life, though he admits he could easily relate to Mr. Banks in many ways. This week we'll share part of our conversation with Garrett, and you'll easily see why we like him so much.

Also, we can't Ask Kelsey this week ... she's in Europe. But we get questions all the time about SCERA. Today, we answer a few of them!

Guest: Garrett Smit

Hosts: Rachael Gibson & Quin Swallow


Episode 21: The Behind-the-Scenes Brains of Brigadoon (August 4, 2017)

Crysta Powell is a veteran stage manager at SCERA ... and she's done some interesting work in New York, too! Christopher Gallacher is a talented singer, dancer and now choreographer! Together, they are two of the brilliant minds behind SCERA's production of Brigadoon, opening this week at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre! On this episode, we'll talk with them both!

Guests: Crysta Powell and Christopher Gallacher

Host: Quin Swallow

Episode 20: Meet the Hixsons! (July 21, 2017)

What a great time we had this week meeting the Hixson Family- Parents Amy and Dan, and their family Zach, Sammy, McKenna, Izzy, Cole and Cade! They've quite at home on the SCERA Stage, and you'll see them (most of them, anyway) in Seussica the Musical. Find-out what makes this family tick, and how they manage busy lives on and off the stage. SCERA loves these guys ... you will too!

Guests: The Hixson Family

Hosts: Drey Means and Quin Swallow


Episode 19: The Cast of Seussical (July 14, 2017)

This week's episode was delayed a bit, thanks to some technical trouble ... But we're back on track!

This week, we'll introduce you to more members of the Seussical the Musical cast, including Reed Hahne and Kelly Cook, and one of our SCERA managers, Megan Johnson. Plus, did you see the incredible National Treasures exhibit at the SCERA Center on July 1-4? If not, we'll take you back in time ... WAY back in time ... to see some of the fascinating artifacts that made their way to SCERA from the Brent Ashworth collection. What a treat for history nerds! And since our podcast is enhanced, you can see the artifacts as you hear about them!

Special segment: The SCERA Shell Song written and performed by Chance Richter

Guests: Kelly Cook, Reed Hahne, Megan Johnson and the Seussical Ensemble

Hosts: Quin Swallow, Kelsey Mariner, Drey Means

Photos courtesy of SCERA, taken by Rachael Gibson


Episode 18:  Dr. Seuss is Coming to Town! (July 7, 2017)

Kendall Bowman has been our 'sound guy' for a stellar run, but we're losing him! Before he gets too far, we wanted you to meet Kendall to hear about his great work and some funny stories. He did not disappoint.

We've also been talking with some of the cast of Seussical the Musical ... And today we start with Seth Sherman, who plays JoJo!

ENHANCED PODCAST NOTE: This episode is enhanced, and will display various images at certain times in during playback in some podcast and audio players. A chime tone sounds when a new image is displayed.

Guests: Kendall Bowman and Seth Sherman

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Kelsey Mariner, Drey Means, Chance Richter and Quin Swallow


Episode 17:  Shawn and DeLayne ... A-GAIN! (July 3, 2017)

Today we give you Part 2 of our interview with Seussical the Musical director Shawn Mortensen and musical director DeLayne Dayton!

Note: This is our experimental first enhanced episode! Check your iTunes player or podcast player for new images that (hopefully) appear during playback.

Guests: Shawn Mortensen, DeLayne Dayton

Host: Quin Swallow (with his dog Mia) 

Today's guest host, Mia   Shawn Mortensen's patriotic cake

On left: Guest host Mia.

On the right: God Bless America ... and this cake made by the theatrically and culinarily talented Shawn Mortensen.


Episode 16: DeLayne and Shawn, On the Lawn (June 30, 2017)

It's a CRAZY-FUN episode today ... We're back on the SCERA Shell lawn talking with Seussical the Muslcal direcctor Shawn Mortensen and musical director DeLayne Dayton! These two love SCERA, and SCERA loves them back. Hear about their backgrounds in theater (and other things), learn about their work with Seussical, and hear for yourselves why working with either of them on a show is the treat of a lifetime.

Guests: Shawn Mortensen and DeLayne Dayton

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Chance Richter, Dresden Means and Quin Swallow

Episode 15: The Hairspray Runs Out (June 23, 2017)

In the final week of the run of Hairspray at the SCERA Shell, we bring you the last of our interviews with the cast, including ensemble performers, and the actors who play Velma Von Tussle, Link Larkin, and Corny Collins.

Guests: Leslee Preator Keckley, Kristian Huff, Jaxson Dayton, and the Hairspray ensemble cast

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Chance Richter, Quin Swallow

Episode 14: More Hairspray! (June 16, 2017)

Hairspray has begun its run at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre. You've already heard from the creative team ... Now we start meeting the cast! Today, you'll meet the energetic young performers who play Tracy Turnblad, Penny Pingleton, Amber Von Tussle and Seaweed Stubbs. Plus, Audition Coach Kelsey will give us a few more tips for a successful music audition!

Guests: Chelsea Lindsay, Tearza Foyston, Sasha Sloan and Michael Thomas

Hosts: Chance Richter, Kelsey Mariner, Jake Thompson and Quin Swallow

Episode 13: Hairspray Opens Tonight! (June 9, 2017)

It's opening day for Hairspray at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre, and we'll have a couple weeks of Hairspray for you on our next couple of episodes! Today, meet the insanely talented choreographer and music director Tiffany Winkel Nutter, who talks about why Hairspray is such a unique, challenging and vibrant show.

And the amazing Edna Turnblad herself took some break time to talk to her fans!


Guests: Tiffany Winkel Nutter and "Edna Turnblad" (Andy Hunsaker)

Hosts: Chance Richter & Quin Swallow

Episode 12: Hairspray Ahead! (June 2, 2017)

With just over a week to go until Hairspray opens at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre, on this episode we introduce you to Andy and Jan Hunsaker. Andy plays Edna and Jan is directing the production. Learn about their backgrounds and about what's ahead for this production.

Also, we'll get family theater tips from Rachael, a mom who knows how preparation can make or break a theater experience if you have kids, particularly ones with special needs.

Guests: Andy and Jan Hunsaker

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Chance Richter, & Quin Swallow

Episode 11: Summer in SCERA Park (May 26, 2017)

On today's episode, we'll take you to the wonderful SCERA Park, where we have a whole season of summer fun planned for the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre. We'll talk about why the Shell and the park is such a magical, wonderful place. We'll also meet Granite Ogborn, one of our great custodians who keeps SCERA looking its best.

Guests:  Granite Ogborn

Hosts: Jake Thompson, Kelsey Mariner, Quin Swallow

Episode 10: Stage Moms (May 12, 2017)

The hidden secret of successful theater is moms. That's right ... They give their support, applause, free rides to auditions and rehearsals ... And sometimes they join their kids on stage, like this week's guest Celesta Rimington ... mother of our other guest, Maxwell Rimington! This week they tell us about their musical family, their time together in Mary Poppins not long ago at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre, and Maxwell tells us just what he thinks of his mom. Such a good boy.

Happy Mother's Day!

Guests: Celesta and Maxwell Rimington

Hosts: Rachael Gibson, Drey Means, Chance Richter, Kelsey Mariner, Jake Thompson, and Quin Swallow

Episode 9: Stage Love! (May 5, 2017)

On the SCERA stage, love is usually in the script. But sometimes, it just happens, and it spills out into real life! This week, somebody's getting married! We'll talk to a couple of SCERA couples, and play a couple quiz game about ... theater couples! Plus, Kelsey will talk about how to practice and prepare for your next singing audition ... that is, if practice and preparation are something you do, ha ha.

Hosts: Chance Richter, Drey Means, Kelsey Mariner, Jake Thompson, and Quin Swallow

Guests: Shay and Bryan Johnson

Bryan and Shay Johnson

Kelsey Mariner and Jake Thompson

Episode 8: SCERA Volunteers, and Stage Favorites (April 28, 2017)

Today, the podcast crew talks about their favorite performances from the past year, at SCERA and other community and school theaters! Also, we'll talk with Linda Campbell, SCERA House Manager, about SCERA's Volunteer program.

Episode hosts: Quin Swallow, Rachael Gibson, Chance Richter, Kelsey Mariner, Jake Thompson

Guests: Linda Campbell, SCERA House Manager

Episode 7: Beauty and the Spoilers (April 21, 2017)

Now that Disney's Beauty and the Beast (live action / 2017 version) has been out for several weeks, we feel freely to talk about it. ALL of it. And so we do. Today's short episode features our favorite things about the film. And yeah, we hit a lot of spoilers, so skip to the middle of the track if you want to avoid all that.

Also, in Ask Kelsey, we'll find out how Kelsey recommends you address tough audition accompaniment questions, like- What do you do when you and the pianist get out of sync, and Which is better- live accompaniment or recorded music?

Episode hosts: Rachael Gibson, Kelsey Mariner, Jake Thompson, Chance Richter, and Quin Swallow.

Episode 6: My Fair Lady opens at SCERA (April 14, 2017)

Meet the cast of SCERA's production of My Fair Lady, including Mindy Smoot Robbins and Marvin Payne, and be a fly on the wall during a rehearsal!

We have a new segment series for you today: Kelsey's Audition Advice! We'll start with Kelsey explaining how to choose the right song for your next audition, and how to pick a repertoire of staples.

  • Episode guests: Mindy Smoot Robbins, Marvin Payne, the cast of SCERA's production of My Fair Lady
  • Episode hosts: Rachael Gibson, Kelsey Mariner, Drey Means, Chance Richter, Jake Thompson and Quin Swallow

The cast of Acting Up! in Oklahoma!

Episode 5: Acting Up is Awesome (April 7, 2017)

Meet some of SCERA's talented Acting Up! students. They'll tell you what it's been like coming up through the program, talk about their recent trip to California, and discuss what theater means to them.

Next week: My Fair Lady opens! Meet the cast!

That's right ... we're going weekly! Look for a new episode each Friday starting today!

  • This week's guests: Austin Bigelow, Kimberly Stevenson, Zac Thorn, Grace Garner and Hannah Biesinger of Acting Up!

  • This week's hosts: Rachael Gibson, Chance Richter, Dresden Means, Kelsey Mariner, Jake Thompson and Quin Swallow

    Send your quiz answers, questions, comments and contributions to!


Grace Garner, Brodee Ripple and Austin Bigelow of Acting Up, at the Evening of Stars

Episode 4: 
SCERA Evening of Stars

On this episode, go with us to SCERA's Evening of Stars, and meet this year's SCERA Star Awards winners. We'll show you why this evening is so very significant to us, and we'll talk about why the arts need our support, and what this does for the community.

Hosts: Quin Swallow, Rachael Gibson, Chance Richter, Kelsey Mariner and Jake Thompson 

Guests: SCERA's 2017 Star Awards Winners Alex Boyé, Sara Lee Gibb, Christopher Clark, Mark Philbrick, Marden Pond, BYU Cougarettes (Jodi Maxfield, Director), NuSkin (Gary Garrett), Heritage School (Jerry Spanos), Shari Woodwoard (Springfield Art Museum)

Also Adam Robertson (President, SCERA) Todd Leonard (UVU School of Culinary Arts), Mark Pulham (SCERA Evening of Stars Master of Ceremonies)


Kathryn Little and Brodee Ripple of SYT / Acting Up! (left)

Kelsey Mariner and Jake Thompson of SCERA Spotlight (right)

Episode 3: 
SCERA Youth Theater is OK!

As SCERA Youth Theatre's Acting Up players prepare for their production of Oklahoma!, we'll meet their director Kathryn Little, and her assistant and choreographer Brodee Ripple. We also welcome two hilarious new hosts, Kelsey Mariner and Jake Thompson ... And we talk about our wish list of stories that would make great new plays or musicals!

Hosts: Quin Swallow, Rachael Gibson, Chance Richter, Kelsey Mariner and Jake Thompson (Drey has this episode off for his birthday.)

Guests: Kathryn Little and Acting Up

Episode poster image: Kathryn Little and Brodee Ripple (left), Kelsey Mariner and Jake Thompson (right)


From left: Quin Swallow, Rachael Gibson and LDS Film Festival's Christian Vuissa

Episode 2: 
Movies, Musicals and Mormons: Oh my!

In this episode, we preview this year's LDS Film Festival (March 1-4 at the SCERA Center for the Arts) with founder and president Christian Vuissa. We also discuss news from the film and stage world: The Lion King is getting a live action remake for film, and Newsies fans get to enjoy the stage version on screen. Good ideas? We'll tell you what we think ... And what do you think? Listener Mail lets you talk back!

From left: Kelly Coombs, David Paul Smith, Chase Ramsey

Episode 1:
Alice in Wonderland

This episode features an interview with Chase Ramsey and David Paul Smith, the creators of Alice in Wonderland, a new SCERA musical play for young audiences. They are joined by Kelly Coombs, who plays Alice in the show. Also, we'll discuss the recently announced musical lineup for the 2017 SCERA Shell season.

Hosts: Quin Swallow, Rachael Gibson, Drey Means and Chance Richter

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Hosts (pictured left, from left): Drey Means, Rachaehl Gibson, Chance Richter and Quin Swallow