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Perfect for couples, families or friends, learn fun ceramic molding and decorating techniques on the 3rd Friday of each month and take home a fired piece!



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On the 3rd Friday of each month, it’s the perfect night out for couples, families or friends. Taught step-by-step by our incredible SCERA Art Studios pottery instructor, you will learn fun ceramic molding, decorating and/or glazing techniques. We’ll take your piece, fire it in the kiln, and a week later you can pick up your finished piece and take it home! Perfect for homemade gifts or as decor for your home. We provide all the supplies. Each monthly class will be 90-120 minutes depending on the project. Cost is $20/person.

The project for Friday, August 19 is a 9 inch sgraffito technique plate made by cutting a circle out of a slab of clay and then painting it with underglaze. We will then carve a design out of the underglaze.  A coat of clear glaze will be added when dry and then they will be fired and ready for pickup a week later. A sample is shown below, but various patterns will be available or you can make your own:


Susan Barra


3rd Friday of each months @ 7:00pm | 90-120 minutes depending on project

Tuition & Fees:

$20 per person


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