Audition Workshop for adults 18+ on Saturday, July 11

AUDITION WORKSHOP! Adults 18 and older, join us on Saturday, July 11 from 9am-12noon to learn and work on audition techniques! Song choices and critiques, resume and practical information, and a dance workshop will make this a fun, educational, and high-paced class for those looking to improve their audition skills. With the help of local vocal coaches, choreographers, producers, and directors, you can polish your skills for an upcoming audition or for your first jump into the world of theatre. Those wishing to participate should come prepared with 16 bars of two audition song choices, clothing for auditioning and for dancing, a current theatre resume and headshot if possible, note-taking materials, water bottle, face covering and a great attitude. Tag someone who might be interested! The cost is only $10. Register in advance at

INSTRUCTORS: Shawn M. Herrera, SCERA Production & Programs Manager / Director / Choreographer: Rebecca Boberg, SCERA Dance Director; and Dr. J. Arden Hopkin, SCERA Voice Program Director.