MAGIC EXPLORERS: Crazy Creatures Camp

July 15 - July 19, 2024

Young magicians will craft their own magic tricks and learn how to perform with them!



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Magic Explorers is a fun and educational magic class for kids ages 5-7. In this course, kids will learn about crazy creatures and how to perform magic such as putting a mixed up monster back together, make a bird vanish, and balance a bird on their nose! We’ll explore STEAM through kids crafting their own magic tricks. Each day, young magicians will receive a Magic Activity Packet (MAP) with fun games and puzzles that will help kids with critical thinking skills. Campers will punch-out their magic trick from the MAP and craft their own magic trick based on the lesson of that day. They’ll learn how and why the trick works, and how to perform it! With fun stories and songs, this 5-day experience includes a new Magic Activity Packet each day, a box of crayons, and some miscellaneous items for the magic tricks!


Monday-Friday | 9:00am-12Noon

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