This Theatre for Young Audiences musical is now under the stars for the perfect fall family outing at SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre!


SCERA’s Theatre for Young Audiences presents one-hour musicals based on children’s literature. The shows are performed by a cast of adult actors, and are the perfect way to introduce children to the magic of live theatre. And parents…with a witty script, charming characters and catchy music, you’ll have a great time, too!

ADD-ON POST SHOW PIRATE EXPERIENCE: This optional ticket add-on will be a perfectly pirate-y ending to your fall family outing. Only 100 tickets are available each night for $5.00 per child. Parents are free. The experience will include a photo op with the cast on the set, and seven fun pirate-themed game and activity stations, Pirate Passport, Pirate prizes and more. See all the fun activities at the tab below…

ABOUT THE SHOW: Book, Lyrics and Music: Janet Yates Vogt and Mark Friedman. Sail off on a fantastic musical excursion when a band of comical pirates lands at North Beach looking for an expert digger to join their crew. Braid Beard and his mates enlist young Jeremy Jacob, as they try to find the perfect spot to bury their treasure. Jeremy finds that adventuring can be lots of fun, but also learns that love and home are treasures you can’t find on any map! Based on the children’s book by Melinda Long, the whole family will love this delightful and swashbuckling musical adventure!

COVID-19: FACE COVERINGS ARE NOW REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES. This show would normally be presented indoors at SCERA Center for the Arts. However, to allow for better social distancing and more ticket availability for the public, we will be presenting this show outdoors at SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre. YOU WILL NEED TO CHOOSE A SPECIFIC NIGHT TO ATTEND. Chairs will be preset to maintain safe distancing.


THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON TICKET PURCHASES. Tickets may be exchanged for another available performance of the same event provided you call or come in during box office hours at least 24 hours before the performance for which the original tickets were issued. NEW! The first exchange is free, but any additional requests will include a $3.00 per order date exchange fee.

RAINOUT POLICY: In most cases, events will not be declared a “rainout” before showtime. A rainy day can turn into a beautiful evening and most shows continue regardless of cold, wind or rain. Come prepared for the weather, or plan to attend on another evening! If the show is declared an official rainout by SCERA management prior to intermission, rainchecks will be given for one of the remaining nights.



  • “A Digger They Be”– You will dig in the sand to find buried treasures that have been lost by our crazy pirate crew. It could be gold doubloons, pieces of eight, or an old sock. We never know what these pirates have buried in the sand.
  • “Chest o’ gold and jewels”– There is only one key that opens the treasure chest… trouble is, the captain can’t remember which one it is! You have 30 seconds to try as many keys as you can to find the correct one to open the treasure chest. Avast ye swab! The captain is counting on you!
  • “Heave Ho!” This game does not have anything to do with getting sea sick but does require some heaving… of bean bags. Try your luck and your aim as you heave bean bags through all the openings on the treasure map.
  • “Poop Deck Plunder” – No! It isn’t what you think! Try your sharp shooting skills as you aim foam darts at various objects in the captain’s collection. Knock down the high point items to increase your score. “The higher the score, the bigger the reward me harty!”
  • “Zee Cannon”– if you’ve ever wanted to blast a ship out of the water this game is for you! With the help of a water balloon launcher you will launch water balloons almost 80ft across the SCERA Shell to try and hit some impending ships that are approaching. Aim well or it’s Davy Jones Locker for you and your pirate crew!
  • “Follow the Map!” – In a treasure hunt the most important thing to remember is… “Follow the map!” You must do EXACTLY what the treasure map instructs.. be ready, some of these instructions are a little strange but the reward is worth it! “ But you must swear by the secret pirate spit handshake to never reveal the location of said treasure!”
  • Swashbuckling Scurvy Dogs” – Test out your swashbuckling knowledge as you learn the proper moves of the sword fighting pirate.
  • “Green Teeth” – Show off your piraty grin in a photo op on stage with the cast and the pirate ship! This photo op is only being offered to our Pirate Cove guests!


Each station will have a prize take away. Collect all 7 prizes and you will go home with some fun treasures of your own. Stations will be sanitized after each participant and carefully monitored to provide a safe and healthy experience for all our guests.


Masks will be required during Pirate Cove by all participants. Pirate Cove will remain open for those that purchased this add-on experience for 90 minutes after the musical production. Youth must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children 5 and up are invited to participate in Pirate Cove. Prizes are only given to paying customers and a separate $5.00 event ticket is required to enter Pirate Cove. Guests should plan to purchase tickets ahead of time in connection with their show ticket so you can enjoy both experiences. Space is limited.

Check out our promo photo shoot to meet Captain Braid Beard and his motley crew. Costume Design by Deborah Bowman. Photos by Alexa Begay. Click on any thumbnail to see the full image.



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